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Model: ISC 232
Product Specifications:Clip On EMI RFI Filter Snap Around Ferrite is no need external thing you can put the harness on top of the fixed ringCan be used to house all kinds of wire such as: the power cord, audio cable, AV cable, data cableIt can improve the electromagnetic field around the solenoid, t..
Model: ISC 202-N
Product Specification:The Gripper module is state of the art robotic arm designed indigenously by Robomart. It can be used in various ‘pick and place’ kind of robots. It works on DC Motor (9 to 12V DC). Change in rotation direction of the DC Motor, generates Jaw Open & Close Action.The DC motor ..
Model: ISC 235
Product Specifications:Size: 20mm X 40mm x 6.5 mmResistance: 4 ohmPower: 2WScrew Hole Distance: 35*16mm..
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