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Model: ISC 046
Model: 608zzRod diameter: 8mm (on which bearing rotates)Bearing height: 7mmBearing outside diameter: 22mmQuantity - 10 pieces..
Model: ISC 027
Product Specification:Model: LM10UURod diameter: 10mm (on which bearing slides)Bearing height: 29mmBearing inside diameter: 8mmQuantity: 1 PcsItem SKU: ISC 027..
Model: ISC 031
Product Specification:Model: LM12UURod diameter: 12mm (on which bearing slides)Bearing height: 30mmBearing inside diameter: 12mmBearing Outside Diameter: 21mmQuantity: 1 PcsItem SKU: ISC 031..
Model: ISC 026
Product Specification:Model : SC8UUMaterial : Steel, AluminumRod diameter: 8mm (on which bearing slides)Size : Approx. 34 x 30 x 22mmQuantity: 1 PcsItem SKU: ISC 026..
Model: ISC 022
Product Specification:Model: LM8UURod diameter: 8mm (on which bearing slides)Bearing height: 23mmBearing inside diameter: 8mmQuantity: 2 piecesItem SKU: ISC 022..
Model: ISC 317
Product Specification:Model: MR95ZZBearing Inner Diameter: 5mmBearing Outside Diameter: 9mmBearing Thicknesss: 3mmQuantity: 2pcs..
Model: ISC 047
Product Specification: Model: 624zzRod diameter: 4mm (on which bearing rotates)Bearing Inside Diameter: 4mmBearing height: 5mmBearing outside diameter: 13mmQuantity - 5Pcs..
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